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Fashion writer A. Finney of examiner.com quotes Sharon DeLaCruz: "Sharon’s brand of scarves makes the sophisticated consumer feel like a celebrity." This is where art beautifully collides with fashion and ends up being the Sharon DeLaCruz Scarves collection. Chicago designer Sharon DeLaCruz has a degree in fine art and has worked as a fiber artist for years. She describes herself as an "accidental fashion designer." In 2002, after tripping on a broken sidewalk and sustaining injuries to her neck, arms, and hands, which Sharon described as "uselessly hanging from my side," she began strength training by reaching out for a ball of yarn to regain strength and mobility, and focused on that ball of yarn for new purpose – creating scarves. And, in 2009, she had the first public showing of her scarves, in the Cherry Belle scarf collection at the One of a Kind show and sale at the Chicago Merchandise Mart. Her scarves are practical and fun, having their own personality that fits the customer’s look. Each scarf was created for warmth, beauty, and colorful details using high quality materials. You may purchase her scarves from the Sharon DeLaCruz scarf collection at Sears.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Feel like a Celebrity

The Sharon DeLaCruz Wool Scarf can make you feel like a Celebrity

Sharon DeLaCruz prefers natural fiber wool scarves because of her past history with skin sensitivities, and uses the very best merino wool materials or blends in the making of each of her scarves ! Her scarves are BOLD and sexy, baby soft irresistible to touch with much beauty and warmth. Not only are her wool scarves extra warm, long and comforting, they are all made with quality materials and workmanship. Sharon DeLaCruz creates special scarves for the One of a Kind show and sells these wool scarves at the Chicago Merchandise Mart. You can also purchase her scarves from SEARS at the Chicago Local Marketplace. Note: enter Code LOCAL4FREE Limited offer: Free shipping, save $15 on your scarf order.