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Fashion writer A. Finney of examiner.com quotes Sharon DeLaCruz: "Sharon’s brand of scarves makes the sophisticated consumer feel like a celebrity." This is where art beautifully collides with fashion and ends up being the Sharon DeLaCruz Scarves collection. Chicago designer Sharon DeLaCruz has a degree in fine art and has worked as a fiber artist for years. She describes herself as an "accidental fashion designer." In 2002, after tripping on a broken sidewalk and sustaining injuries to her neck, arms, and hands, which Sharon described as "uselessly hanging from my side," she began strength training by reaching out for a ball of yarn to regain strength and mobility, and focused on that ball of yarn for new purpose – creating scarves. And, in 2009, she had the first public showing of her scarves, in the Cherry Belle scarf collection at the One of a Kind show and sale at the Chicago Merchandise Mart. Her scarves are practical and fun, having their own personality that fits the customer’s look. Each scarf was created for warmth, beauty, and colorful details using high quality materials. You may purchase her scarves from the Sharon DeLaCruz scarf collection at Sears.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Feel like a Celebrity

The Sharon DeLaCruz Wool Scarf can make you feel like a Celebrity

Sharon DeLaCruz prefers natural fiber wool scarves because of her past history with skin sensitivities, and uses the very best merino wool materials or blends in the making of each of her scarves ! Her scarves are BOLD and sexy, baby soft irresistible to touch with much beauty and warmth. Not only are her wool scarves extra warm, long and comforting, they are all made with quality materials and workmanship. Sharon DeLaCruz creates special scarves for the One of a Kind show and sells these wool scarves at the Chicago Merchandise Mart. You can also purchase her scarves from SEARS at the Chicago Local Marketplace. Note: enter Code LOCAL4FREE Limited offer: Free shipping, save $15 on your scarf order.


  1. This year 2011, my New Year's resolution was to teach myself how to market via the computer. In view of my fragile physical limitations; I continue to focus on building my reputation as an excellent scarf designer and showing through quality scarves, the importance of investing into worthy winter items such as these.

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    Comments Beautiful Sharon. Very nice. Jim

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    Congrats on being with Sears and the terrific article!!
    Take care, Nora

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    Comments Congratulations Sharon. So happy your beautiful and creative work is being recognized!

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    Comments Randi Hilleso wrote: Yes! Congratulations! You do an incredible job of marketing your work, Sharon. You are an inspiration! Thank you.

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    Comments Jenny Charny wrote: You are so talented!!! Wow, I did not realized that we the same B-day. August 1st is fine, but being called a baby sounds wonderful. It was good to see you at the Wisdom event.

    Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 08:12:51 PM MST
    From: Thressa Connor
    Comments Sharon, It was a delight to meet you today! Your scarfs are stunning! I also thoroughly enjoyed our time together. I look forward to working with you and Susana!
    Best! Thressa

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    From: Bradley Carlson
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    CommentsYes, but I'll bet those people stuck on Lakeshore would have loved nice warm wool scarves! -Brad
    On Feb 15, 2011 8:55 PM, "Sharon DeLaCruz" < sharon.a.delacruz@usa.net> wrote: Brad, it would be too cruel to insert images of Lake shore drive and all the snow buried cars...but I wanted to give the wintry look. Sharon
    Comments I like the snow men! Very cute!

  3. Long live the mighty WOOL scarf through Chicago winters
    Okay people, I nearly fell off my chair with laughter , when I read some of the comments you all had to say about our Chicago cold winters and how to dress in it. I am a firm believer in all of it, but I became a SCARF designer, because of all the health benefits received and how I prevented myself from getting those nasty little colds because of how I protect my chest area with the types of wool and materials which I design with.

    Well imagine little me, born in Hawaii and loving all that sunshine...then having to adjust to the cold freeze of Chicago. Worse than that, I had to live in my youthful days 11 years in the Sweden which is as about as cold as Chicago, moreso even though it is on the same lattitude! (remember your geography from school?).

    When I became a grown up person, as an artist I became a WOOL scarf designer and pronto! I actually spent some years designing and perfecting the ultimate WARM outdoors scarf for men and women to protect the chest areas, using the best quality yarns that hold up to many more times body heat and yet leaves breathing room for not getting too steamy.

    I originally made this scarf only for myself, tested it and after I prevented myself from ever getting another winter cold again, I knew it was time for me to start up a business and sell this "puppie".

    Okay, so I dragged my feet a bit and had a fall down accident that forced me into hand strengthening treatments, before I really got my business going. But anyways - fast forwarding some decades, I finally presented my Cherry Belle collection in 2009 and still can be seen at [link www.mycreativemoments.com] and although seen are mostly women scarves, I make them for all people including the pets! Enjoy.